How to obtain a boatmanship certification

How to obtain a boatmanship certification


If you are to operate a personal watercraft or recreational vessel on the state’s waters, then it is required that you complete and meet educational prerequisites. In most countries or states, law enforcement officers, as well as boater safety agencies, implement this requirement to the later to ensure everyone’s nautical experience is safe and pleasant. A certification, called boatmanship, is therefore issued to those who have had training on boating regulations and laws, and this certificate must be carried on board the water vessels just in case the enforcement officers request to inspect it. So, how to do you obtain this certification?

How to acquire boatmanship certification

Boatmanship certification is also referred to as boater education certificate or typically a boating license. It obliges as proof that an individual has completed successfully a course that deals with boating safety, laws, and regulations. The procedure to acquire this kind of certification is pretty simple and straightforward! You can always get this certificate by taking a course called boater safety education. There are many institutions approved to offer this education, and it is upon you to check the accredited institutions in country or state. Although some institutions still offer the conventional learning practices, most of them are now offering their courses online; therefore completing boater safety education course is easy, fast, and entirely convenient. In light of this, here are the steps to be followed to acquire the said certification:

• Choose the state/country and proceed to register a course for free

• Take the course online and complete the coursework at your convenience

• Learn all the safety laws and regulations, then take an exam

• If you pass the course satisfactorily, you will be one-step closer to getting your vessel on the waters. As soon as all the education requirements are completed successfully, you will be accredited and instantly receive your lifetime boatmanship education certificate


That is all about how to get a boatmanship certification. It is as simple as that and after completing the course, you will have freedom, safe, and pleasant experience to cruise waters at your pleasure. The most important thing is to have your certificate anytime you are water vessels.