How to Acquire a Boatmanship Certificate

How to Acquire a Boatmanship Certificate

Are you planning on buying a boat? Or you (https://båtfø already have one and is trying to test the water? Then it might interest you to read further because this article is for you.

Riding a boat is fun, as we don’t regularly do that so often. We are more familiar with cars, trains or planes. Getting your boat to sail on water might require some licence or certification, just like acquiring a driver’s license before you’ll be able to make use of the road, else you’ll get arrested. For you to be able to drive a boat, you need to obtain a boatmanship certification.

What is a boatmanship certification?

A boatmanship certification is a certificate or a license that you need to obtain in order to ride any recreational vessel on the water. Boatmanship certification varies for each state, so you’re required (båtførerbevis) to get the boatmanship certification of a state before you can sail your vessel on their water.

Boatmanship Certification Requirements

To obtain the boatmanship certification of a state, you’re required to take and pass a boating course approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) for that state. Every state has its own certification, hence you’ll have to take the required course for that state. An easier way to do this is by visiting your local authority website to see the verified course for a particular state. Once you’ve taken the course and the passed required test, your boatmanship certification would be issued to you. Some states also have an age requirement to obtain this certification, while others don’t.

Why is a Boatmanship certificate Required

This is to ensure that you have studied and mastered the approved boat courses. These courses teach you all you need to know while operating a vessel; safety hacks, laws of riding, etc.


It is true that every state requires their own boatmanship certification for you to ride your vessel on their water, however, there are exemptions. Some states also accept the certifications of some other states. You can check the state’s boating website to see which state’s certification they also accept.

Things to remember

– You must carry along the original certificate with you every time you operate a vessel. Failure to do so means you’ve violated the law and would be charged accordingly. Whenever you misplace your original document, contact the right officials to print another copy. For some states, you can print a new one directly from their website, by filling in your details, why others, you’ll have to go to their offices.

– The certificate is for a lifetime. So once you get your certificate, you don’t need to worry about expiration or renewal of the document

– Don’t get drunk while riding a vessel! In order to protect lives and property, and to avoid a reckless accident, it’s a law that you don’t get drunk while driving a vessel. If your blood-alcohol content level is o.o8% or higher, then you’re guilty. Your certification might get suspended upon conviction of alcohol. So don’t drink while riding a boat, even while on holidays.

Getting your boatmanship certification(båtførerprøven) is very easy, with just 3 simple step, and you’re done; register for the approved course, take the exam, get your certificate.

P.s: There are some fees to be paid, but they are less than a hundred bucks.

Happy Cruising!